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These Guys Buy is a BBB Accredited Real Estate Investor in Sachse, TX


The [target_state] Foreclosure Process

Posted on: April 20th, 2021 by , No Comments

Most homeowners need to borrow money from the bank before buying a property.

What Happens to a Mortgage After Divorce?

Posted on: April 13th, 2021 by , No Comments

This type of question comes at a time when your life is probably in turmoil. This is just one of many questions that you have to find answers for.

Selling Rental Property With Tenants in [target_city]

Posted on: April 6th, 2021 by , No Comments

Selling rental property with tenants is quite common and many landlords are faced with the decision to sell whether they like it or not.

Inherited a House? Here Are Your Options!

Posted on: March 30th, 2021 by , No Comments

What condition is the house in? How much will your expenses be? How much is the house worth? Find how to determine that in this article.

How to Evict a Tenant Quickly in [target_state]

Posted on: March 23rd, 2021 by , No Comments

When dealing with rental houses, there are lots of potential issues that can arise. Evicting a tenant can be added stress to a landlord’s life.

How to Sell an Inherited House in [target_city], [target_state_abbreviation]

Posted on: March 16th, 2021 by , No Comments

As a benefactor, you might ask yourself: what do I do when I inherit a property? What kind of taxes do I pay after claiming the house?

Can I sell My Parents House to Cash Buyers?

Posted on: March 9th, 2021 by , No Comments

The baby boomers are coming of age and many are finding themselves in situations where they are taking care of their elderly parents. It can be difficult to decide parents are in need of assistance with their homes.

How to do a Divorce Sale in [target_state]

Posted on: March 2nd, 2021 by , No Comments

Once the decision has been reached that a divorce is eminent, a lot of questions are raised. One of these is, “What happens to the house in a divorce?”

Taxes for Selling Rental Property in [target_state]

Posted on: February 23rd, 2021 by , No Comments

The taxes for selling rental property in [target_state] can be incredibly confusing for plenty of reasons, but don’t worry – I’m here to help you out.

I Inherited a House in [target_city], [target_state_abbreviation]. Now What?

Posted on: February 16th, 2021 by , No Comments

It’s a question many face when they suddenly inherit a house without any prior knowledge on the situation. In this article, I will inform you of everything you need to consider if you’ve just inherited a house.